Groovy Blues (groovybluesgirl) wrote in gwcolonyl3,
Groovy Blues

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Hi, I'm new to this community!

It's odd, being the gundam wing okatu that I am that I didn't join sooner.


And when I say okatu I mean BIG OKATU, I've way to much stored up in the old memory banks!

I own all the DVDs including the long and short versions of the movie.

And all most all the manga!

If body needs gundam wing answers, I'm your girl!


OH, I almost forgot.

I come bearing a peace offering @-@ (Ha Ha)


Anybody want to see the Gundam wing odds/evens, the only part of gundam wing (aside from the novels) never released in the US?

After looking for a really long, long time, I found a site!

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