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Hi, its me again, the girl who is making an anime Magazine for her school project.
I’d like to say thanks again for all the people who replied to My first set of questions. It did help a lot. I replied to almost everyone who replied and made some new friends. I probably won’t reply to people this time. Lol. It took two days... lol. SO I would just like to say thanks now to those of you fill out these next questions.

Note: Beyond Obsession Article is not finished. I’m still working on it. Editing cause I have had a lot of Hw... and I found out I had to add a lot of stuff. But as soon as it is PERFECT I will be posting it. So no worrys. ^_^ <3 thanks bunches everyone.

Title of Article: Undecided
About: Cosplay
What state are u from:
UserName lj:
Tell me about yourself and what you think about cosplay:

1)Have you cosplayed before? If so as who and Why?

2)If you haven’t cosplayed, what do u like about people dressing up?

3)Why do you think people like to dress up as anime characters and game characters?

4)Do you make your own costumes?

5)Is making your own costumes rewarding?

6)What makes dressing up so interesting?

7)Do more people just dress up when going to conventions, or do you think people who really love cosplay dress up even at home and in public?

8)What’s the greatest thing about cosplay?

9)Some people just don’t get the pictures and have bad costumes, do you think any less of these people, or does it just not matter?

10)What do you think cosplay is?

11)Anything Else you would like to say about cosplay, anything you think I missed?

12)Have any bad experiences while being dressed up? Good Experiences?

Thanks for helping me out. <3 Much Love

>Feel Free to send In pictures if You have dressed up. Just tell me who is in the picture, and who took the picture.. Email to:

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