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I am making a magazine for my journalism Class and the title of my Magazine is “Anime Addict”. Yes this is indeed my favorite class where I can research anime all I want, ^_^ and get an A for it. Yay for me. But I need anime fans to get an A. So if you would let me interview you. Please Help Me. When I am done with the complete magazine which won’t be for awhile I will be posting page by page of it up, so I will send those who have been published the link. And I will post It hear to. ^_- Note: This magazine is about anime and japense anything(culture, music)

I will probably be posting more Interviews for Different Articles this week. I think I have a total of 5 Articles… so let’s start...

Article Title</b>: Beyond Obsession
(if you are uncomfortable with telling me your real name, you can make one up or us you lj name)Name:


Email Address:

Are you obsessed with reading or writing Fan Fiction?

What drives you towards this insanity?

What Anime’s are you obsessed about, and why?

What would you go through to own the Manga or the Anime?

Do you own you own Site with Fan Fiction?

How Much money do you spend on anime in a month?

How much time do you spend watching Anime?

How Much time do you spend reading fan fiction, hours? Days?

What’s the longest you’ve watched anime?

Is you room covered in anime posters?? Explain.

Why characters are you obsessed with? Are you dating any of them? (I know I’m dating Duo<3<3)

Do you think about anime when your not watching it?

Does it anime fan fiction appear like a movie in your head ad you read it?

I can’t really think of any more questions but if there is anything you want to add, feel free, to add how you got started with anime, maybe a description of you and anime. ^_^

And if possible if you could send pictures of your obsession, like your walls with anime posters, and dolls, movie collections, you don’t have to be in the picture if you don’t want to be, it’s completely cool, anything helps.

Thank You SO much for taking you time to fill the out. Much love Anime Fans<3<3
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