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L3 Trading Cards!!

L3 LiveJournal
Trading Cards
★ Chisato ★
User Number: 217492
Date Created:2001-07-01
Number of Posts: 1,042

Chisato is a very curious, devilish, deceptive girl. She loves getting her way and when she doesn\'t you better prepare for lots of bitching. She has 2 sisters, Metaka and Hikari.
Strengths: She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and has the strange ability to appear out of no where just in time to save the day!
Weaknesses: Chisato seems to fall in love easily, and once she is in love, it seems she will never fall out.
Special Skills: Chisato is a Sanjiyan Unkara. (Three Eyed Immortal Humanoid.) Being a Sanjiyan, Chisato can take someones soul, and turn them into an invincible Wu.
Weapons: 1. Her Wu. 2. Mass Manipulation. 3. She can perfectly mimic the "Sailor V Kick," 4. Scythe 5. Telepathy.
♥ Sanjiyan Editon ♥

Trading Cards
★ Demon Miko Metaka ★
User Number: 226832
Date Created:2001-07-05
Number of Posts: 656

Metaka is Daughter of Blink Nightmare, Sister of Chisato. She is also a young college-going miko. (Preistess) Metaka is loving, compassionate, violent (Sometimes!), and giver of cookies!
Strengths: Metaka is a very strong willed person deep down. Many people love her very much for her sweetness and compassion. She\'s a great friend to everyone-- Unless you hurt her family.
Weaknesses: Metaka often calls herself \"Dumb\" or \"stupid\" Which obviously she isnt. AFterall, she got to college, didn\'t she?
Special Skills: One of Metaka\'s best skills her ability to make cookies appear out of nowhere. Another is that she is a faithful and wonderous friend.
Weapons: Metaka owns a scythe. And when she has it, she becomes more powerful then ever imagined.
♥ Sanjiyan Addition ♥

L3 LiveJournal
Trading Cards
★ Ani-Chan Halcyon Starr ★
User Number: 906181
Date Created:2003-02-16
Number of Posts: 15

Anita is everyone\'s favorite lesbian! Best friend of Metaka, and engaged to Miss Tentou, Anita is definately not softcore. She is outgoing lovely and not too shy to admit it.
Strengths: Anita, like Metaka, is a strong-willed person deep down. She's always dependable, and there when you need her. For a talk, or just to.. paint the white house blue!
Weaknesses: Yellow roses. Give Anita a yellow rose and she'll melt. )But only for a moment!)
Special Skills: Aside from being a great friend, she is also very creative. You should see her room!
Weapons: Itelligence. Anita is no idiot. She can also sweet talk a person into submission. Not to mention throw a dynamic punch.
♥ Sanjiyan Edition ♥

L3 LiveJournal
Trading Cards
★ Lita ★
User Number: 533667
Date Created:2002-04-19
Number of Posts: 371

Lita is an L3 senior. She cares deeply for her friends, but gets fed up quite easily. Don't get on her bad side. You will regret it.
Strengths: Lita is strong in many different ways. She, like Ani-Chan, is creative, but sometimes, she doesn't know exactly what to do with this creativity, so she will draw, write, etc.
Weaknesses: She can be hurt easily. Once hurt, she gets mad. Be afraid-- She will get her vengence.
Special Skills: As aforementioned, Lita is very creative, and is very strong-willed, almost to the point of being called stubborn. When she falls in love, she falls hard.
Weapons: Lita weilds a scythe, claws, and lots of repressed anger. Watch out! It\'s a deadly combonation.
♥ Sanjiyan Edition ♥

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